Bhalobasa was born in Perignano (Pisa) in 1991 after the meeting with Father Orson Wells from Kolkata.
Since 1991 Bhalobasa is interested in distance support, projects and checking travel in India (West Bengal), Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burkina Faso, Tanzania and Ecuador. Bhalobasa subscribes to CNCA (National Coordination of Acceptance Community), to ForumSaD (national network of associations that promote distance support), to Centro Nord-Sud foundation (organization that is used by Pisa’s province to manage immigration policy, intercultural communication and development cooperation. The association has been among the first to sign the Guidelines for distance support of children and young people, issued by the Agency for the Third Sector.

We are always working with the same spirit and principle: fraternity and solidarity that create friendship and never welfarism. We aim not to improve only the lives of the people we meet, but also their life skills.