Vegetable farming for poor women of 10 rural areas

10 marzo 2020

Majority of the women living in the rural areas of Faisalabad ,Punjab(Pakistan) are disadvantaged because they are neither educated nor skilled. Their major profession is farming and livestock rearing.They work with their husbands/brother/fathers 6-8 hours a day and earn very less wages than men from the farms and no money in case of livestock rearing.Due to low income and poor social status, women are subjected to domestic violence, early age marriages, sexual harassment’s yearly.

A Women Vegetable Club(WVC) will help 6 rural women at one time to grow their own vegetables from organic farming and will make them self sufficient to support their families.Each woman will get revolving agriculture loan of 60,000 Pak Rupees for taking 1acre land on 1 year lease for the purpose of commercial kitchen gardening. They will will be able to earn Pak Rupees 1500-2000 per day.They will pay back the loan in 11 months.After the recovery the loan will be distributed to the next 9 areas.

Through this project we want to initiate a business model for poor rural women of 10 areas based on organic and commercial kitchen gardening to transform the low income women lives from poverty to prosperity. Women Vegetable Clubs (WVC) is an idea to club rural women for collective entrepreneurship through organic commercial kitchen gardening. As the project is highly sustainable therefore it will be initiated from from 1 rural area and will move towards the next 9 areas after the completion.

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