Financial Statements

Not only the donators have the right to be informed as to where the donations go, but we also owe this to our friends of the south of the world. Bhalobasa has adhered with enthusiasm to ForumSad (permanent forum for the distance sponsorship) and to its Charter of Principles. Section 5 thereof provides as follows:
Making available the financial statement or the annual report and publish it in accordance with the applicable law. Every organisation respects the law applicable to its own corporate structure, and in particular with regard to: the Article of Association, the law of the Regional Register of the Voluntary Service, the law concerning non-profit organisations and ONGs, the Donations Charter, and the law concerning the ecclesiastical bodies.”
For the reason mentioned above as well as the full transparency as to the use of the amounts received by us through the donations, we publish in this section the Financial Statements of the recent years. If you have any enquires please feel free to write to

The “Rendicontazione dei contributi pubblici anno 2020 -2021” (ex legge 124 del 2017) could be downloaded at the following link