“Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world”

– Nelson Mandela

The meaning of the project

The project in schools is intended to raise awareness in younger generations about the effective support and volunteering, besides to face poverty and its many aspects. The choice of Bhalobasa is to address these deep issues by talking about the history of the association itself, breaking the schemes of the classic informative meetings. Volunteers’ experiences and interactions are the guiding thread for the dialogue with students.

Why Schools?

Schools are crucial for Bhalobasa, as important in supported countries as in supporter ones. School is the place where children and adults daily develop their personality, learn and laying the basis for their future. What better occasion, what better place to face such important and delicate subjects? Hence, the idea of bringing our history into schools as a starting point for a common growth.

Meetings and their development

The project is broken down in three stages, three meetings lasting two hours each:

– The first meeting:it consists of two different parts, a quiz used to compare our daily routine with the one of supported countries, and a first introduction to the organization and its history. In this part, we have a direct interaction with students in order to get to know each other and have a first exchange of ideas and opinions.

– The second meeting:this is about stories and experiences gathered in our travels full of emotions and profound teachings. It follows a short film used to encourage participation and constructive dialogue between everyone. The topics discussed will be related to the video, to the association and to the support concept.

The third meeting: the top of the project. Here curiosities, questions and advice from the students are collected. This is followed by an interactive game used to address a specific topic chosen by the students through an open confrontation mediated by our volunteers. Finally, “the decalogue of the volunteer”, the expression of Bhalobasa’s vision of volunteering, is introduced to students to conclude the project.

Our mission

This cycle of meetings is intended to encourage students’ reflection both individually and collectively in order to develop their own consciousness and position with regard to the addressed issues.

How to contact us

For any further question please contact scuole@bhalobasa.it