Not encrypted sponsorship

Bhalobasa adheres to “Linee guida per il sostegno a distanza di minori e giovani” (Guidelines the sponsorship of children young ones) issued by the Voluntary Sector Agency. It works in full compliance with the principles specified by the guidelines, and it guarantees to sponsors and beneficiaries transparency, quality projects and clear and complete information about the donation made for children and for the communities they belong to. Bhalobasa participates with its own page to the List of the sponsorhip organizations, issued by the Onlus Agency.
Amount without fees (fees 1.8% + 0.35€) For further information about how to donate click here


To sponsor a child, it is possible to choose one of these solutions:
  • Online – payment by credit card or by Paypal
      Please insert the requested data in the adjacent column and proceed to the donation
  • Payment by bank transfer :
      • Cassa di Risparmio di Volterra
        • – Perignano section
        • – C/C 10005183/5 – ABI 06370 – CAB 25267
        • – IBAN: IT 82 Y 0637 005485 000010005183

  • Italian postal service
      Account number: 14320568
  • If you do not pay by credit card please remember to make the operation out to Bhalobasa ONLUS and please specify your personal records, the reason, and the country of sponsorship. It will allow us to make the registration procedure faster. Do not forget to fill the registry form in case of a new sponsorship, and please send it with the copy of the payment receipt to

    Donations Deductibility

    Bhalobasa is registered to the Provincial Section of Pisa of The General Regional Register of Voluntary Service by decree n. 429 del 02/11/1999. Being a registered Voluntary Association, Bhalobasa is ONLUS (no-profit organization) pursuant to article 10 c.8 of D.lgs 460/1997 of Italian Law. All the donations made to Bhalobasa ONLUS may be deduct from the income of the donator (either natural or legal person) up 10% of the taxable income, to the maximum extent of 70.000 Euro per year, pursuant to D.L. 35/2005 art. 14 of Italian Law.