I Dream to Study

Hill Side Collage School is placed in Golomolo, Uganda, a several hours drive from Kampala. It offers children the opportunity to attend the secondary school, but it does not provide only this. Thanks to the agreement with the director of the school, the annual quota includes also room and boards, allowing children to stay there for the whole school period.


What is it?

SDS, or I Dream to Study, is a special kind of sponsorship in Uganda which is intended to give the opportunity to continue to go to school to children who are orphans, as they lost one or both parents. Thanks to your help, they can continue their studies attending the secondary school after completing the primary one.

How was “I dream to study” born?

SDS was born on request of the children themselves, who asked to attend even the secondary school at this structure at the end of the primary. They really hope to make their dreams come true. That is why SDS was born: it is a sponsorship which costs 270 Euro a year, that can be divided into two biannual payments.

Some children dream to become engineers, some doctors, others would like to become teachers. You can understand their power to raise again from how much effort they put into studying, you can perceive it in their eyes.