Bhalobasa is an association who fully supports and lives the values of diversity and secularism. It respects and embraces several beliefs, ideals and religions. These are the common values inspiring our mission in the society and for the others.
Our choice is to keep being volunteers. To be Bhalobasa volunteer means to overcome the idea of individualism and superficiality. To say I do care!! To face the things and be involved. To affirm positive values: awareness, generosity, social interactions, comprehension and to be merciful, that is to share the same feelings. To be aware that life is made up of beautiful things, but also of hardship and injustice. To be in love with this choice, embrace it and be witness of its improvement. To switch from the “making aspect” to the “being volunteer aspect”, then turning the voluntary work in a lifestyle.
The Bhalobasa volunteer’s help is spontaneous, free and no-profit, neither indirect. The no-profit aspect is the task and the mission of every volunteer. He brings himself, his skills and competences are offered to the neighbour. He opens himself to the neighbour with a mutual intent. For every of us the no-profit aspect comes from an inner belief and no desire of personal achievement is involved in it. The Bhalobasa volunteer’s commitment is to pour the no-profit principle into the public sphere in order to create the “gift culture”. In doing so, the no-profit principle will not be longer narrowed to the relationship with family and friends but it will be spreaded among the wider public sphere and the relationship with all individuals.
The Bhalobasa volunteer makes the first step to donate with gratuity intent. He attempts to develop human relationships based on dignity and improvement of humanity. Not only donating and receiving are the same in conceptual terms, but also the reciprocity between the donator and the receiver makes them part of a mutual give-and-take free from any economic benefits. The Bhalobasa volunteer aims to promote the social awareness, which means continuous effort, and not a spot gesture, made for charity or pity at the emergency occurrences. For this reason, Bhalobasa pays particular attention in showing images of children sick, injured or in difficulty whatsoever.
The Bhalobasa volunteer witnesses and announces throughout his words and behaviours the warmth and the opening to the others without prejudices or filters. The Bhalobasa volunteer, thanks to the trips in the south of the word, either directly done it or lived throughout the reports of the others volunteers, has the privilege to live the most pure and intense form of warmth. His duty, although always accomplished in a spontaneous manner, is to make know such warmth to the ones who have not the possibilities to live it.
The Bhalobasa volunteer bases his relations and friendship on comprehension (without any sort of judgment) and sharing (without constriction) in the following places:
  • – Inside the association itself throughout listening and cooperating, always bearing in mind that every thing to be done is important and every duty is paramount.
  • – Outside the association throughout spreading Bhalobasa approach towards the society as well as the donators.
  • – In the South of the Word throughout a full and sincere understanding and sharing of the culture of those people. The Bhaobasa volunteer travels to understand the others, not to teach them. He is aware that the process of learning is not unilateral but always mutual.
The Bhalobasa volunteer transparently manages every financial resource in order to implement the scope of the Articles of Association. In accordance with our motto “these are never our money” the Bhalobasa volunteer guarantees that everyone who interacts with the association may have access – through the appropriate information systems – to every sector of the association, included every decision-making process. By publishing every year its annual financial statement, Bhalobasa informs in detail as to the management of the financial resources in order to show the financial situation of the association. Donators must be aware to make the projects efficient. Donators have the right and the duty to acknowledge where the financial resources goes. Answering their question generates trust, which is, more than any other statement, one of the most useful things to witness the voluntary work.
True information and communication allow the supporters and the ones supported by to be part of a project and the makers of a more just world, which is the greatest form of freedom for every human being. Bhalobasa volunteer lives his own experience in the association through its democratic forms and, in turn, he becomes promoter of democracy wherever he stays.
The Bhalobasa volunteer seeks, communicates and implements the idea of solidarity and fraternity. Solidarity is the principle of social organization that allows to the ones who are different to be equal. Fraternity is not a value to be added to freedom and equality, but is something that founds those principles instead. Freedom and equality are grasped by understanding of what makes us linked to people different form us. Otherwise freedom and equality would mean only separation, not sharing. A fully understanding of fraternity allows to the people equal in dignity and fundamental rights to express their capacity in many different ways. For the Bhalobasa volunteer, diversity is always a value and a precious cultural enrichment, never a burden. We pursue our values through the culture of non-violence and peace. The Bhalobasa volunteer seeks a full cooperation with other organisations that operate in the same areas geographic and of interest.
For the Bhalobasa volunteer justice means taking care of disadvantaged people. That means attempting to cut off causes of such human suffering and burden, which are the source of a deep injustice. Such commitment takes place by working all together, although the first voice of justice must come from our consciences, which must be listened and followed. Justice means to not look away. We must be just now and here: justice spreaded all over the institutions and the rule for the individuals to be followed. The Bhalobasa volunteer is aware that justice means looking out every single story on one hand, and accurately monitoring the projects on the other. This because, although the individual gesture is paramount, it needs organized measures, projects and networking, in order to make the single opinion able to generate real changes.
CHART OF VALUE SUBMISSION All Bhalobasa volunteers recognize this Chart of Value and the values contained therein. Also, they commit to witness such values in their society and keep high and active the values-profile and the image that Bhalobasa has built so far.