The beginning

At the end of 1980s the young Indian priest Father Orson Wells – today honorary president of the association – was sent for helping the parish of Perignano (Pisa). Thanks to the great respect that Madre Teresa had of him, the Perignano perish received the gift of hosting Madre Teresa during hers visit in Italy. Few months later, Father Orson, having returned from Calcutta, said that about a proposal for a large found-rising:

“Do not send money, let’s come and see.””

First trip in India

In August 1991, Don Armando Zappolini – pries of Perignano and our founder and honorary president – Aldo Tamberi and Arrigo Frosini left for the first trip in Calcutta. At their return, the Bhalobasa association was born. Meaningful is the choice of the name: Bhalobasa means love in Bengali.

Madre Teresa

Our trips in Bengala, the relationship with Father Orson and the meeting with Madre Teresa has been always a reference for developing our project. One of first times that we met Madre Teresa at her house in Bose Road in Calcutta, she invited us to visit also the villages in the countryside to give the children the opportunity to join the school. We met her again during our trips to Calcutta and nearby and then, the last time, unforgettable, ten days before she passed away. However, her example, hers strength and simplicity continues to be a source of inspiration for us.

Father Orson

Thanks to him we walked into the Indian adventure, we entered into the people life and their poor villages in Calcutta. Without him we would not have been able to build this path made of knowledge and integration. Bhalobasa will never forget that moment together with the guys of the parish, such as in the leper-hospital, in the fair away villages or in the “Missionarie Carità’s” houses.

The adventure continues

The journey started with that first trip has become an important path. Many of the first Bengalis children supported are now adult, they attended the University and nowadays in turn support other children.