A concrete help

Poverty, lack of education and unemployment are three key elements linked by a common factor. Poverty does not allow children to attend school, thus the lack of education does not let them find a job, and it leads to a further poverty. Thanks to your help Bhalobasa promotes schooling, helping families to send children to school in order to break this vicious circle. Sponsorship means being close one to each other every day.
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What is it?

Children sponsorship is a concrete help to children who cannot go to school. With an annual donation from 57 to 270 Euro a year, we are able to guarantee education and, wherever they need, one meal a day. Martin, Annet, Git and many others have lots of dreams but no hope to make them come true. Around 3000 children every year may go to school and hope for a better future thanks to your donations.

How much does it cost?


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Dream to study , or SDS, is a special kind of sponsorship which is intended to give the opportunity to attend the secondary school to children previously hosted who have lost one or both parents.

Do not forget to fill the registry form in case of a new sponsorship, and please send it with the copy of the payment receipt to segreteria@bhalobasa.it. It will allow us to make the registration procedure faster.

Stay informed

Becoming a sponsor, you will be sent the personal details and the picture of the child that you support, along with the letters that he will write to you. You will even receive his school reports, so you will always be updated about his school progresses.
Moreover, you can keep up-to-date on our activities and news through the Bhalo magazine, which is periodically published. Please email comunicazione@bhalobasa.it with your addresses to subscribe our mailing list in order to have a direct contact with the association.